Obestetric Services

Doctor Seaton is pleased to be able to share in this wonderful and extraordinary season in the life of her clients.  The addition of a new member to one's family is always an exciting event.  It is important to realize that a healthy outcome begins with the care which one can find at Genesis OBGYN.  Genesis OBGYN is dedicated to providing the best available care for woman and their unborn babies in both average and high risk situations.

Doctor Seaton knows that each woman is an individual and responses to pregnancy, labor and deliver will vary uniquely.  She feels that the patient is an active partner in her medical care.  During prenatal appointments, the opportunity to discuss and dialogue on available options is encouraged.  Patients are encouraged to be active participants in the decision making process.  Dr. Seaton realizes that each individual will also approach labor and deliver in her own personal manner.  Some may benefit from pain medication while others may prefer not to use any.  The goal of the practice is to have a healthy baby and a healthy you. 

We offer complete obstetrical planning, prenatal care and education, including:

  • Pre-pregnancy counseling and planning
  • Care for high-risk pregnancy
  • Postpartum follow-up and care


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